Professor Cardworthy® is the Money Explainer and about all things financial for consumers and financial institutions. Drawn on 30+ years of business experience, primarily in the payments field (with a special focus on credit, debit and prepaid cards) coupled with 60+ years of real-life experiences, the resurrected Professor Cardworthy is unlike any financial education program . While the website  is the epicenter there is a blog,  podcasts  and a YouTube channel  .

Professor Cardworthy®, or more precisely, Professor Robear Cardworthy, was created 12 years ago as a series of 50 short YouTube instructional videos by Robert McKinley (me) in the acting role, to help explain how credit cards work with helpful advice on how to use them. The 2007 legacy videos were produced on behalf of CardTrak ® and remain available, mostly relevant, and can be found on the YouTube “Cardworthy ” channel.

In January 2020, I re-launched the Professor Cardworthy’s Corner® blog , and the Professor Cardworthy  Podcasts  and Videocasts .

Professor Cardworthy 2020 Series – Episode #5 “Best Credit Card”

I am asking for your help to strengthen the Professor Cardworthy® project by developing a curriculum across all life stages for my students, not only in the U.S., but also abroad. Additionally I need your support to help cover monthly deficits and repay some of $100K in funds I have borrowed from family and friends to develop Professor Cardworthy® and  supporting projects.

Over the past 18 months I created

Bankcenter   (daily breaking news service)

CardBuzz (daily published news service)

PYVNTS  (payment events directory);

PYRPTS  (payment reports directory);

Ruebud Media  (multi-media production service) 

Robear’s List  (fintech patent process concept)

I also resurrected the RAM Research  website for payments market research and consulting services.

Additionally, over the past 18 months, I resumed serving as a pro bono senior analyst for CardWeb  which includes CardFlash   (daily payments industry news/information); CardTrak   (daily personal finance news/information) and CardData  quarterly (payments performance reports and analysis).

Why My Students Need Your Financial Support 

The reason I have run short financially and asking for your help developing the Professor Cardworthy project is I have exhausted my financial options after a 10 year sabbatical. 

Let me explain as succinctly as possible . . . 

My plans to expand my payment projects were interrupted due to personal disasters and the global economic meltdown between 2007 and 2009. In 2007 I battled advanced colon cancer requiring chemotherapy for a year. The 2008 year began in the “Great Recession,” followed by the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the Madoff fraud, and the “Great Credit Crunch” by years’ end. The fallout continued in 2009 wherein I was forced to cut staff and opted to transfer most of my businesses to my sons (employees). During 2009, there were separate life-threatening emergencies among three of my family members and ended with the death of my wife in December 2009.

I began a sabbatical, or unplanned early retirement, shortly thereafter in 2010, living off the sale of all my personal assets and some occasionally income from small research projects. I ended my sabbatical 18 months ago after witnessing the growth of financial technology and social media and the need to rebuild where I left off.

The foundation of all the projects has been completed as of February 2020.

Meet Professor Cardworthy

I just need your financial support to fully develop the Professor Cardworthy Project, refining it to reach consumers and producers nationally and, hopefully, globally.

Even a small donation, $20 or less, is helpful and will be privately acknowledged. The GoFundMe “Support Professor Cardworthy’s Students” fundraiser offers the option of being recognized publicly or anonymously. The PayPal “Friends of Cardworthy” online fundraiser is privately acknowledged with the invitation to be publicly acknowledged.

Regardless, any donation you make to Professor Cardworthy is for the “greater good” as it provides free financial education services to consumers at all life stages.

I have personally invested millions to reestablish these projects, even after losing a small fortune in the 2007-2010 global meltdown. But I just need your help to get across the finish line.

Professor Cardworthy Podcasts (Google, Spotify, Stitcher, others)

What Makes Professor Cardworthy Special

As Professor Cardworthy I am uniquely qualified as the most widely quoted, most interviewed among the top publicly-recognized payment experts in the nation, primarily between 1986 and 2009. The companies I founded include RAM Research ® , CardWeb ® , and CardTrak ® .

My work is unprecedented as a balancing act between consumers and financial institutions. Some of the major changes in wallets today sprung from my consumer advocacy side, working with legislators, lobbyists and documentary makers. At the same time I provided subscriptions and consulting services to financial services firms, including testifying as a key witness in the largest antitrust trials, all watershed moments.  There is no company in the payments business, or any industry I am aware of, able to pull off this model. 

My full professional bio is publicly available at  

My business history goes beyond consumer group squawking and lobbyist buttonholing, to actually moving the needle. No wonder I was labeled by many, on both sides, as a “maverick.” But, I have literally saved billions for corporations and consumers, facts well documented.

What makes Professor Cardworthy extremely unique it is based on a personal life of unbelievable twists and turns, from a “country boy” who liked to take his sons trout fishing, hunt wild mushrooms with his dad, helping his wife tend garden and can vegetables, attending NFL games with his beer buddies and changing his own spark plugs  TO . . .   interviewing a sitting U.S. President, having private one-on-one boardroom lunches with CEOs of the largest corporations, being deposed for countless hours by more than a dozen of the nation’s top attorneys and sitting for hundreds of TV interviews and thousands of news media interviews.

Little Professor Cardworthy

My Personal Life 

I was born, grew up and raised my family in Maryland.  

I was told I was found in a “coal bucket” by my teenage parents and certainly with no “silver spoon.”

I am the father of six (4 boys and 2 girls), grandfather of ten (five boys and five girls), married for 36 years to the mother of all my children. My wife sadly passed, at age 55, from left main artery disease, triggered by a two-decades long battle with rheumatoid arthritis.

At age 12, I mowed lawns and shoveled snow. At age 15 I passed the FCC First-Class Commercial Broadcast Engineering Exam (among the youngest ever) and was instantly hired by a local radio station, which later built a television station. At age 19 I founded my first real business, a background music business which I sold at a huge profit in “an offer I could not refuse.” Years later I ended up working at a major TV station in D.C. for 11 years, while pursuing many side business ventures. (All of these experiences are integrated more fully in upcoming Professor CardWorthy episodes).

My personal and professional details are available at 

My Entrance into Payments

As the first real personal computers were introduced in 1985 I began developing a business to track the volatility of the 400 mutual funds in the market at that time, but found in late 1986 I stumbled upon a major opportunity in credit card tracking. At the time, banks stayed in their market footprints with credit cards, as an ancillary banking service, and were just introducing upgraded “Gold” cards. Thus began RAM Research , the only independent company ever to simultaneously serve banks with competitive intelligence and consumers with comparative information.

Among the milestones for RAM Research, and later CardWeb was the 1988 signing of a contract with Dow Jones Company for a monthly table for the Wall Street Journal and Barron’s. The first live national network TV interview on CBS This Morning in 1990. Personal and professional profile stories in the New York Times (2001), Associated Press and American Banker.  Major Federal court testimony (1992). Documentary assistance for PBS’ Frontline prime-time show in 2004 and 2009. Additionally, chairing, speaking and sponsoring payment-related events around the world. The opening of offices in London and Sydney, complimenting our four U.S. offices in MD, NYC, San Francisco and Naples, FL.

Why Professor Cardworthy Now

The resurrected Professor Cardworthy intertwines hundreds of actual real-life “you can’t make this stuff up” personal and business experiences coupled with timely financial advice, occasional grandfatherly wisdom, and laced with some humor. Professor Cardworthy, as a “down-to-earth” regular guy who can explain complicated things to the simplest level, but with the credibility to speak “truth-to-power” with real facts, is beyond typical personal finance advisers or business pundits.

My appeal to you to help fund Professor Cardworthy is create a force powered by the public and empowered to bring financial education to a level not seen. Once stabilized, with your help, Professor Cardworthy should be self-sustaining with ad revenue from the blog, podcast and videos and income from the other services offered.

Please Help Today

At the minimum please take some time to read , listen   and/or watch  the new Professor Cardworthy episodes. Please note the new episodes are one-take, unedited, no make-up – – – but the content is invaluable. If possible, visit the other sites cited herein.

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