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Meet Professor Cardworthy’s Effervescent Erudite Students Created by Swedish Artist Eva-Lena Martinson of Skruf Glasbruk : Isadora. Harrison, Antoinette, Miguel, Suma, Babatunde, Chieko, and Jahid from the Four Corners of the Earth


Professor Cardworthy’s Study Components: Banking, Saving, Investing, Borrowing, Buying, Renting, Insuring, Retiring and FinEd on Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Charge Cards, Prepaid Cards Plus Cyrptocurrency, Mobile Payments & Financial Apps

Older Students


Professor Cardworthy’s Students Range from Helping Preschoolers Grasp the Importance of Earning & Managing Their Clams to Assisting Seniors Stay in the Swing of Things by Managing Their Remaining Clams & to Avoid Getting Clambaked

Professor Cardworthy®

Professor Robear Cardworthy has been called the “Jack of All Trades & Master of None” and “Knows Just Enough to be Dangerous”. However, when it comes to “All Things Financial” he “Knows a Thing or Two” or more accurately a PhD X3.

Starting his first non-profit business at 8, his first for-profit business at 11, hiring his first employees at 17, and subsequently starting countless other businesses from scratch — he has some real financial life lessons to share. As the father of six, grandfather of 10, survivor of many personal tragedies and going from “Rags to Riches” like a swinging pendulum he empathizes with just about everyone: “Toddlers to Geezers” and “Bums to Snobs.”

Professor Cardworthy will take his students on a multimedia journey through the labyrinth of his life, imparting to all, real morsels of financial knowledge and wisdom.

Professor Cardworthy

Are You Cardworthy?®

NO, the Professor is the Real Cardworthy. But All of His Students Will be Cardworthy Too. It All Unfolds Over the Next Few Months. Monitor Twitter, Visit this Site Often, and Sign Up for Fan eMail for All the Forthcoming Details.