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Professor Cardworthy’s Podcast Covers Banking, Saving, Investing, Borrowing, Buying, Renting, Insuring, Retiring, Credit/Debit/Prepaid Cards, Debit Plus Crypto, mPayments & Apps

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Professor Cardworthy’s Students Range from Helping Preschoolers Grasp the Importance of Earning & Managing Their Clams to Assisting Seniors Stay in the Swing of Things by Managing Their Remaining Clams & to Avoid Getting Clambaked

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Professor Cardworthy’s Corner®

Best Credit Card is a Myth

Life was simple in the 1970s, the Tastee Freez choice was “with cheese” or “without cheese” and “chocolate” or “vanilla.” Today with two billion credit cards in use globally, there is and never has been the “ten best credit cards” or the “ten perfect credit cards.” Finding the right card for you depends on your life stage and sticking to the basics, tuning out the bells, whistles, and . . . . More

Overdrawn Billionaire

An overdrawn billionaire is an oxymoron . . . or so you would think. Less than two years ago he opened his mailbox and found a notice of an “insufficient funds” (NSF) fee charge of $35. But lo and behold it also showed an available balance as $9.9 billion ($9,854,241,363.69) . . . . More

Budget Buster Late Fees

Budget buster late fees have been around for a very, very long time and will likely hang around forever. Amazingly most Americans are unaware late fees are a “golden goose” for the banking industry, unlike an other industry. One family figured out a simple, but wacko, option to avoid late fees and keep the lights on, water running, phone connected and the house warm . . . . More

Best Credit Card
Professor Cardworthy Money Explainer - Overdrawn Billionaire
Professor Cardworthy Money Explainer - Budget Buster Late Fees

Cardworthy Legacy YouTube Videos

Professor Cardworthy was First Piloted in 50 Episodes (or Lessons) in 2007 on the “Cardworthy” YouTube Channel. Surprisingly, Most of the Content Remains Relevant 12 Years Later. The New YouTube Channel is “Professor Cardworthy.” Both Starring Payments Expert and Actor Robert McKinley as Professor Robear Cardworthy.

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